Software for managing biological samples and clinical data.

Getting started: First steps with BioARCHIVE

Since getting started with a new software isn't always easy. So for you to quickly understand the potential of BioARCHIVE and be able to use it, we created the following first steps. After completion you will not only have seen the various functions of BioARCHIVE, but you will also have used the software within a model case. You will then be perfectly set up to manage your own lab efficiently with BioARCHIVE.

  • First you will learn how to create a patient.
  • Second you will learn how you can upload corresponding documents to your patient.
  • Third you will learn to set up and configure your own repository.
  • Fourth you will learn how to add a sample to a patient.
  • Fifth you will learn how to check in a sample corresponding to your patient subject within your digital repository.
  • Sixth you will learn how to create a new user within your lab.
  • Seventh you see how to configure your own documentation masks


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English subtitles:

Video: Defining researches
Video: Creating questionnaires
Video: Defining simple catalogues
Video: Extending big catalogues
Video: Affiliation of centres
Video: Creating labor environments

English audio:

Video: How to configure your own documentation masks

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