Software for managing biological samples and clinical data.

1.1 BioARCHIVE: Creating a patient/subject

To create a patient/subject you need to click on the tab "Patients"/"Subjects" and then press on the button: "New" which you can find on the bottom of the left column. On the right side of the page you will now see a tab called "New Patient"/"New Subject".

Here you can now enter your first patient/subject:

  • Please enter 1985-12-31 as "Date of birth", John as "First Name" and Doe as "Surname". You will see that the "Patient Number" as well as the "Initials" will be filled in automatically, although you can manually overwrite the "Patient number" if you want to use your own labeling. For this example we want to give our new patient the number 999.
  • A subject can be any kind of sample which occurs in a lab (e.g. a chemical, a cell line, a tissue sample and many more). For training purpose please enter HeLa as "Subject" as well 2016-09-28 as "Date of birth/generation", cell line as "characteristics" and none as "Descendants". 

Clicking on the "Check"-Button will trigger the system to check if the chosen initials are already in use. If this is the case you have to change the initials and check again. If there no such initials existing you can save the dataset by clicking on "Ok".

The patient will appear in the left-hand column and will be selected automatically. Here you can enter additional information corresponding to your new entry. Although for this example we do not want to put in any addition information.

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