Biobanking Software BioARCHIVE: Overview & Prices

Our BioARCHIVE Biobanking system is designed for sample management and makes the organisation of your lab more efficiently in a simple way. With BioARCHIVE you can easily order your samples within the freezers, archive biosamples and link them with the documentation of corresponding results. These advantages as well as the possibility to organise the teamwork in your lab define the basis for a well structured working environment and help you to maintain the overview.

BioARCHIVE is available in three versions:

  • BioARCHIVE medicine is designed to suit the needs of medical labs, which process patient samples.
  • BioARCHIVE science is designed for life science labs, which are handling with all kind of samples and are recording the corresponding data.
  • BioARCHIVE cryo, software to easily manage biological samples and clinical data in reproduction medicine.

Manage your samples in an easy and comfortable way and create your own documentation masks suited to your needs.

 0 Eur Advanced DE 7 Eur Advanced DE 15 Eur Advanced DE 39 Eur Advanced DE 115 Eur Advanced DE


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