Data security: 3-step protection of your data, Made in Germany

Collecting personal information is a matter that comes under the regulations of data protection. Characteristic to biobanks and this is a very important thing, is that samples can directly refer to a person. Therefore, there is no absolute separation between biomaterial and personal reference and so biomaterials must be protected separately. The security aspects of BioARCHIVE were considered and designed at a technical level: server isolation (1st Step), use of pseudonyms (2nd Step), restricted access (3rd Step), automatic backup routines and high reliability.

  • Step 1 - Distribution of data on independent databases ***
  • Step 2 - Pseudonymization by encrypted data storage to protect personally identifiable health information *
  • Step 3 - Control of access, login, input and availability of data according to German data protection regulations ***




* According to the concept of the Telematic Platform of Medical Research Networks (TMF e. V., Germany) and on the basis of the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Law (BDSG, Germany)

** A total of five separate server (1 server for each database) provides our security concept for the following databases respectively services:

  1. Biomaterial database (BMB)
  2. Analyse database (ADB)
  3. Research database for clinical information (FDB)
  4. Database for patient
  5. Server for pseudonymization feature(PSD)

*** Safety standards for the data center according to the specifications of the Federal Data Protection Law (BDSG, Germany) and the Federal Office for Security in Information Technology (BSI, Germany)

Data center

Server location Germany. In the context of Cloud Solution all data of our customers are  saved and processed only on servers in Germany according to the specifications of the Federal Data Protection Law that are among the strictest in the world.

Excellent access. The connection of your server to multiple high-performance networks and cooperation with leading carriers ensure you an excellent availability of your biobank. 

High safety standards. A competent team of service technicians  ensure around the clock, the safety of the hardware. A comprehensive fire protection, climate control and a constant power supply and strict access controls are ensured.


Our system is fully programmed in AJAX (asynchronous JavaScript and XML) and is delivered with a relational, license free database as well as an appropriate management interface ("MySQL/ phpMyAdmin").

Through this technology, the operation as a distributed service is available on an intranet or due internet. The system is role and rights-based and can be used on any Windows, MAC or Linux operating system.

System Requirements:

  1. Apache II web server with PHP 5.3 or higher
  2. MySQL 5 or higher
  3. Internet browser: Opera, Mozilla Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Microsoft Edge



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